Saturday, November 22, 2008

Private school for me, but not for thee

President-elect Obama has chosen to send his own children to a private school. What did candidate Obama believe regarding public vs. private schools? On Obama's campaign website regarding Vouchers:
Barack Obama believes free, quality public education is the heart of the American promise. He supports public charter schools, but not vouchers.

John McCain will take much-needed money away from our schools to fund private schools instead.

Obama's Change = Do as I say, not as I do.

It should be noted that the only executive experience that President-elect Barack Obama has occurred when he was the Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge(CAC). The goal of the CAC was to improve Chicago's public schools. After squandering 100 million dollars of other people's money, Obama accomplished nothing.

From his own personal experience, Obama chose to send his children to a PRIVATE school. He just doesn't want the rest of America to have the same choice, unless they're rich like him.

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