Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yellowcake and Precursors were found in Iraq

Retired Army Major General James "Spider" Marks is a CNN military analyst and was a senior intelligence officer during the 2003 Iraq war. General Marks was involved with the initial search for WMD in Iraq.

On Sunday November 13,2005, around 6:30pm CST, CNN Live Sunday anchor Carol Lin interviewed General Marks regarding WMD in Iraq. The General stated that the Defense Intelligence Agency had a list of 900+ WMD sites in Iraq that he started out with and that the sites weren't ranked in order of importance. General Marks stated that Iraq "had the mechanisms" for producing WMD and that precursors and yellowcake were found in Iraq.

When Anchor Carol Lin asked whether Iraq "had the stuff" General Marks responded "absolutely".

Update: Here is the transcript of the interview. (Posted 11-14-2005 at 1:13pm CST)


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