Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More evidence of Pre-Iraq war Yellowcake in Iraq

According to a CNN article from October 12, 2004:

"IAEA inspectors did travel to Iraq in early August for the agency's semiannual inventory of nuclear material, which now consists mostly of "yellowcake" enriched uranium, a spokeswoman said.

Except for an amount that U.S. officials notified the agency it was removing to the United States, the IAEA verified that the yellowcake remaining in Iraq was the same as before the war.

In his letter to the Security Council, ElBaradei said that in late September the Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology asked the agency to assist in selling the remaining yellowcake, dismantling and decontaminating former nuclear facilities and resuming the IAEA's monitoring and verification activities.

ElBaradei said the discussions about the requests are still taking place. Kadhim said the Iraqi interim government has indicated it would welcome the IAEA's return, but that the Security Council must back the agency's presence there.


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