Thursday, March 26, 2009

Conason, spinning the democratic mess

Joe Conason states, writes, " Ever since Election Day 2008, the usual suspects have been hard at work, deflecting responsibility from the Bush administration (and the Republicans in Congress) for the catastrophic effects of conservative policy enacted during the past eight years. Within days after Mr. Obama's victory, as stock prices fell, radio host and ideological commissar Rush Limbaugh exclaimed that we were already in the "Obama recession."

In fact, the economy had been shrinking for nearly a year by then, and the market was responding to bad economic news rather than the election result.

Hilariously, Conason ignores which political party has actually controlled both Houses since January of 2007.

And the Democrats have not only just controlled both houses of Congress since 2007, but have almost unlimited power in the house according to democrat Barney Frank, "In the House of Representatives, the majority party has almost unlimited power over the minority party. The majority party owns the committee chairmanships; it controls what bills come to a vote; and it is under no obligation to consider the ideas of the beleaguered minority"

More revealing Frank admits, "Forgotten too is the significant progress that was made after the 2006 elections, when the Republicans in Congress were repudiated by American voters. Ironically, this is the period in which I and my Democratic colleagues actually did possess the magical power needed to make real change in Washington -- we became the majority party. "

That magical power and SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS started in January of 2007, under the democrats, so they were in charge when "the economy had been shrinking for nearly a year by then", and not the Republicans.

And Obama voted for the 700 billion dollar bailout in the fall of 2008. Obama was an active participant in creating the so called "Bush deficit" he whines about inheriting.