Friday, October 17, 2008

Letterman, what about Franken and Liddy?

On David Letterman's show, Letterman made the argument that G.Gordon Liddy is as repulsive as proud domestic terrorist William Ayers and then asked John McCain about McCain's ties to Liddy. Letterman's viewpoint is that Ayer's ties to Barack Obama were equivalent as McCain and Liddy's relationship.

Since Letterman believes Ayers = Liddy, will he continue to endorse Al Franken, who has an even more extensive relationship to Liddy? Or does Letterman think it's kinda hip to be hangin with terrorists?

Liddy on Franken's show (creator and executive producer)LateLine
Liddy and Franken's joint radio broadcast

Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain, Obama, and 100 million dollars

As of October 12, 2009, Senator Barack Obama would win the election if it was held today. Senator John McCain has one chance left at the upcoming debate but since his last 2 debate performances were horrible, it's doubtful. McCain didn't expose Obama's failure and associates, nor challenge Obama's claims. The election is completely out of any one's hands except McCain's. McCain needs to stop with the 'friends', 'we all know that', 'they know me', etc., and expose the side of Obama that the mainstream press refuses to report about.

McCain needs to mention repeatedly that Obama's advisor former chairman of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson got 90 million dollars in compensation while causing the current economic crisis and Obama's Chairmanship of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge(CAC) and Obama's failure to accomplish anything with 100 million dollars of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY:
Chicago Annenberg Challenge: Successes, Failures and Lessons for the Future
Student Outcomes (pg. 84 original pg. 101 pdf format)
As reported earlier in this section, there were no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and demographically similar non-Annenberg schools in student academic achievement or in student social and psychological outcomes.

Sarah Palin was Mayor of a small town with a budget under
20 million dollars (Wasilla FY Budget 2003). Obama was the CHAIRMAN of the CAC and WASTED 100 MILLION DOLLARS OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY TO ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. Why do we know about the interaction of Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Librarian, but we don't know anything about how Obama SQUANDERED 100 MILLION DOLLARS OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY?

If McCain can effectively expose Obama's questionable judgement and ineptness just described at the next debate, the election may not be settled, just yet.

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